Holy war! . . . Popular cheating prophets to be shamed

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Holy war! . . . Popular cheating prophets to be shamed Prophet Mduduzi Dube


Gibson Mhaka

PROPHECY of doom!

A Bulawayo-based prophet, Mduduzi Dube, founder of the Christ Life Generation Church torched a fierce storm when he sensationally claimed that he had seen a vision of two local “prominent” prophets falling from grace after being haunted by allegations of adultery.

Speaking during a prophetic service on Saturday, the Magwegwe-based self-proclaimed prophet stunned his congregants when he said God showed him two local prophets’ downfall after sensational accusations of infidelity against them by female congregants in their churches.

According to his “prophecy”, Prophet Dube said the prophets in question had not only committed adultery, but they had also sired children outside their marriages. 

He also reportedly took a swipe at the prophets saying they used magic and other ungodly antics to lure people to their congregations.

Prophet Dube first made headlines in 2015 after he reportedly prayed for a 38-year-old local businessman, who had nursed an unusual 10-month pregnancy and in the end delivered a bullfrog at Mpilo Hospital.

As if that is not enough, he also stirred debate after media reports that a local businessman who had reportedly fallen on hard times consulted him to boost his waning fortunes.

According to a shocked congregant who spoke to B-Metro, Prophet Dube who also commands a huge following in South Africa pulled a shocker when he prophesied the downfall of his fellow prophets. 

He claimed the prophets in question had a significant following and that the adultery allegations that were going to be levelled against them would cause much confusion and pain that would automatically split their churches.

“I am seeing a vision of two local prominent prophets going down after being haunted by allegations of adultery. Their disgrace will be lasting.

“When the allegations have been levelled against them, people’s first reaction would be disbelief. Then come devastation. Life will never be the same for them,” Prophet Dube was quoted as having said much to the shudder of the congregants.

Prophet Dube is also alleged to have said their flirtatious ways were the ones that had managed to win them many female congregants at their churches.

The source who declined to be named said although Prophet Dube didn’t divulge the names of the prophets, it was clear to the congregants to whom his “prophecy” was directed.

He added: “What they should know is that adultery is not a matter between two people, since so many people, particularly their congregants are going to be hurt by it.

“They (prophets) might have the privilege of making the choice to engage in adultery, but their families and congregants will have no choice about the suffering that will be inflicted upon them.”

When contacted for comment Prophet Dube initially chose to remain tight-lipped but later opened up after this reporter prodded him.

“Yes, it is true that God showed me the demise of two local prominent prophets after allegations of adultery have been levelled against them. I can’t tell you when exactly that is going to happen, but certainly it will come to pass very soon. Shame will definitely roll down upon them like water,” declared Prophet Dube. 

He, however, declined to disclose the names of the local prophets whom he “prophesied” their marriages and churches would crash because of infidelity.

This is not the first time that local prophets have predicted something that torches controversy within the religious and political circles.

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