Hokoyo for Jah and Mr Kata

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Hokoyo for Jah and Mr Kata Jah Prayzah


Bubelo Moyo
Mike Kata, famously known as Mr Kata in the music industry, says he was surprised like everybody else when he heard the news that Mukudzei “Jah Prayzah” Mukombe’s upcoming album had the same title as his new hip-hop jam Hokoyo.

“Great minds think alike.”

The above are the words of Mr Kata when asked if he was aware of Jah Prayzah’s album dubbed Hokoyo.

The Zim hip-hop rapper, Mr Kata is a huge fan of Thomas Mapfumo.

“I picked up the Hokoyo theme from Mapfumo’s Madhebhura, I felt that hook can be relevant to today’s slay queens who are rushing things thereby making it the title of my new song,” said Mr Kata.

With only one week on YouTube, Jah Prayzah’s Hokoyo song lies on #1 Trending if your location is Zimbabwe.

“Jah Prayzah is a seasoned artiste. I can’t compare myself to him to avoid controversy but my version has been aired on ZiFM and on other local radio stations.

Mr Kata

“I have been pushing my music hard on social media platforms, and it turns out that it is trending on the music online platform, Audiomack,” he said.

Hokoyo is Jah Prayzah’s second single which will also be part of his 2020 album. It is the title track for his upcoming album, Hokoyo and will also be the 1st track on the album.

Jah Prayzah’s Hokoyo album is now set to be launched online due to Covid-19.

The album, his 10th, was supposed to be launched on April 3 at Alex Sports Club in Harare. It will be unveiled live on his Facebook page on March 31 from 9pm.

“In light of recent developments around the world and in light of the recent suspension of public gatherings of 100 or more people, we wish to announce the postponement of the Hokoyo album launch event that was scheduled for the 3rd of April 2020, to a later date,” Jah Prayzah said in a statement.

The statistics on Audiomack have it, Jah Prayzah’s song uploaded on 16 March has been played over 2 000 times and is unchallenged by Mr Kata’s jam uploaded on 18 March that has been played 35 times.

The comment section following Jah Prayzah’s YouTube video upload is flooded with praises.

“Jah Prayzah, thank you for this song, I love your music. This type of genre is what makes you outstanding, and it is through singing this type of music that I connect with your music, rich in lyrics, pregnant with meaning. Hokoyo has the extreme power to get one into an ecstatic frenzy, you move even if you do not want to, this is a masterpiece,” commented Clementine Tariro Mapfumo.

“Your music should be in pharmacies, it really heals some of our broken hearts and speaks to some of us who really wanted to have the fatherly voice which guides us. This is AMAZING!” commented Tinashe Rufurwadzo.

“I can feel Tuku and Lovemore Majaivana in this song. Love from Tanzania,” commented Old Bilie.

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