Heartbroken son looks for mum

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Heartbroken son looks for mum Admire Chisvo


Danisa Masuku

Emotions of sadness, longingness and unhappiness were etched on Admire Chisvo’s face as he narrated how he misses his mother whom he last saw in 2005.

The 31-year-old Chisvo is the son of a woman named Media Hoboya who made headlines last week as B-Metro carried a story about her allegedly sleeping with her stepson. And when her husband Sifelani Moyo discovered that he bashed her before she left their matrimonial home unceremoniously in August this year.

According to Admire his mother was at first married to a Chisvo and they had two children while they stayed in Harare.

“My mother was at first married to a Chisvo and they had two children, my sister who is based in South Africa and I. After the death of my father she relocated to Bulawayo and I just got to learn that when she settled here in Bulawayo she was married to a man called Sifelani Moyo. She left us in Harare and that is where I have been staying up to now,” he said.

The article sparked a glimmer of hope that his mother was not dead but alive. His uncle accompanied him as they embarked on a 440 km journey by bus from Harare to Bulawayo.

When he arrived in Bulawayo he came straight to the B-Metro newsroom and was a man in black as he was wearing a black t-shirt, matching black track bottom and black tennis shoes as if to show how sad he was about his long lost mother, whom he last saw when he was 14 years old.

He tearfully poured out his heart describing how growing up without a mother was like.

“My brother I’m stressed. Life has not been easy growing up without a mother. I grew longing to see my mother and when I asked where she was or went to I was not clearly told and that worried me too much as I thought she was dead and the situation was worsened by the death of my father who died when I was very young,” he said.

In hard times like any other person he needed a shoulder to lean on and a genuine listening ear. Sadly there was none.

“I have faced hard times in life and wished my mother was around so that I could pour out my heart, a brother has been on hand to try to fill the gap but the void could not be filled,” the heartbroken Chisvo narrated.

In light of that Chisvo is appealing to anyone who might have information about his mother’s whereabouts to contact him on 0772439343.

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