He demands anal sex: woman tells court

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He demands anal sex: woman tells court Chief Chireya


Sukoluhle Ndlovu

Villagers in Zvirevo Village under Chief Chireya in Gokwe were left shocked after a 32-year-old woman told Chief Chireya’s traditional court that her 40-year-old husband was in the habit of demanding anal sex from her.

Mildred Mashonga said her marriage had become unbearable due to her husband Nkululeko Chuma’s recent weird demands which started since he returned from neighbouring South Africa where he was based.

A source who was part of the proceedings said Mashonga pleaded with Chief Chireya to reprimand Chuma saying she no longer enjoyed her marriage.

“She was in tears when she asked Chief Chireya to reprimand Chuma who had made her life unbearable. She said her husband started making such weird requests when he came back from South Africa where he was based and the issue had been going on for close to a year now,” said the source.

It is also understood that Mashonga tried talking to her husband to no avail.

“She told the fully packed court that she tried talking to Chuma about the issue, but her pleas fell on deaf ears. She also tried engaging their relatives but it also proved to be a futile mission.”

Chief Chireya confirmed presiding over the issue.

“I can confirm that l dealt with the case of a man who’s being accused of demanding anal sex by his wife. The matter took us a long time as it was a first of its kind to be dealt with in this court.

“This man had been staying in South Africa for a long time now and you know people have a tendency of adopting beliefs and doings of other cultures, so l would like to believe that is where he learnt all these weird sexual acts. I warned him to desist from asking for such kind of sex from his wife and l also urged the couple to go for counselling.

“Chuma also apologised to his wife promising that he would not make such wild demands from his wife,” said Chef Chireya.

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