Half-naked woman seduces minor into sex

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Half-naked woman seduces minor into sex


Danisa Masuku
A 24-YEAR-OLD woman who allegedly wore a tiny night dress that exposed all the essentials to seduce a 14 -year-old teenage boy and had sex with him has been arrested.

The woman is a tenant at a house in Gwabalanda suburb and cannot be named so as to protect the identity of the minor.

It is alleged the woman came home at around 6pm and found the teenager washing plates near the tap and invited him to her room.

After finishing washing the plates the unsuspecting boy rushed to the tenant’s room and found her half-dressed wearing a tiny dress that left nothing to imagination. Seeing that, the boy got sexually charged and mustered courage and asked for sex with the woman in question.

At first the woman reportedly refused but the teenager persisted in his request until finally the woman gave in and told him to fetch a condom from the wardrobe. Soon after that they engaged in sex but noise sold them out. While they were at it the younger sister of the teenage boy heard unusual noise from the tenant’s room and went to check what was happening, the court heard.

She peeped through the window and saw the two having sex. She returned and informed her mother who then confronted them. Infuriated by that, the mother of the teenager rushed to a police station and reported the matter.

The woman appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Stephen Ndlovu. She pleaded not guilty to indecent assault.

She said: “The boy persisted that he wants to have sex with me and l then l had to sleep with him. I never forced him.”

In a warned and caution statement the minor said: “I found her half-naked and l got aroused. l had to ask for sex because l could not resist the temptation.”

The magistrate remanded the woman out of custody to next week on Wednesday.

Leonard Chile represented the State.

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