Habitual thief digs tunnel into house

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A GWERU thief who dug a tunnel to gain entry into a house before stealing goods including shovels, pots, spoons, plates and blankets was on Monday slapped with an effective 55 months in prison.

The habitual thief from Guinea Fowl was convicted on 24 counts of unlawful entry and theft.

Tawanda Garira (25) dug a tunnel to gain entry into Fedinant Mudarikwaa��s house in Guinea Fowl on the night of October last year. Once inside Garira stole an assortment of goods before disappearing with the loot.

The accused also broke doors in the same neighbourhood to gain entry into peoplea��s houses before stealing goods.

Gweru magistrate Vimbai Makora sentenced Garira to 51 months in prison on all the 24 counts and added another four months from previous convictions.

The court heard that between September and November last year Garira would break into peoplea��s homes stealing household goods.

On the night of 27 October 2014 Garira went to Mudarikwaa��s homestead in Guinea Fowl where he dug a tunnel to gain entry into the complainanta��s house.

Once inside, he stole blankets, shovels, pots, plates among other items.

During the same month Garira went to Pertunia Mubaiwaa��s homestead where he removed grass from the thatched roof of a kitchen hut, kitchen utensils, clothes and other goods.

In another incident Garira gained entry into Lindiwe Nyonia��s house in Guinea Fowl after breaking the door and stole a battery, solar panel, two radios, two skirts, pots, plates and spoons.

Nyoni reported the matter to the police neighbourhood watch committee and on 29 November Garira was apprehended by members of the public while attempting to break into another house in the same area leading to his formal arrest. a�� Online.

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