Gumbo for mandatory returnees COVID-19 quarantine

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Gumbo for mandatory returnees COVID-19 quarantine Tavaka Gumbo


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PIGGS Peak Black Swallows’ Zimbabwe born coach, Tavaka Gumbo is among the several expatriate coaches and players that will undergo a mandatory two-week COVID-19 quarantine upon return, a local daily has reported.

Eswatini just like most countries hit by the pandemic has put in place mitigating policies under the lockdown provisions with a section being the mandatory isolation at the selected centres.

According to the Times of Eswatini, Gumbo, Mbabane Swallows Zambia-born coach Honour Janza, players Vusumuzi Zungu, Sphamandla Dhlamini and Kenneth Loloto who had been allowed to return home due to COVID-19 hiatus will face the scrutiny.

“Teams which have allowed foreign players time to visit their countries must be prepared to wait 14 days before they can rejoin the rest of the teams upon return.

“The players, including expatriate officials who have visited their home countries after they were given time to do so by their respective teams, must observe the 14-day quarantine before joining their teams,” read the local daily.

The two-week isolation requirement is among the newly enacted 2020 COVID-19 regulations put in place by the government in the fight to combat the spread of the virus which the World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared a global pandemic.

Part II of the regulations on countering coronavirus under isolation for asymptomatic person, Section 8 of the legislation compels the isolation of persons from countries where the COVID-19 has been reported.

Section 8 reads: “A person with a history of travel to a country or area from where COVID-19 has been reported or is a contact person in the last fourteen (14) days, who does not have symptoms of cough, fever, difficulty in breathing, shall be under isolation or quarantine at home and take precautions as stipulated in the Second Schedule and shall avoid contact with any person including family members for fourteen (14) days from the date of arrival from such area.”

Minister of Health Lizzie Nkosi also confirmed that the expatriate players and officials, who were allowed to visit their respective countries, will have to be quarantined for 14 days before reuniting with their teams as per the 2020 COVID-19 regulations.

“Yes, they should be quarantined, how are they even travelling as there are no flights,” inquired Nkosi.

A puzzled Gumbo said he had not been apprised over the quarantine requirements.

*Additional reporting courtesy of the Times of Eswatini


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