GREAT BETRAYAL! . . . as man rapes fellow tenant’s granddaughter (9) left under his custody

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GREAT BETRAYAL! . . . as man rapes fellow tenant’s granddaughter (9) left under his custody


Gibson Mhaka
A 48-YEAR-OLD man from Kensington plots on the outskirts of Bulawayo betrayed the trust bestowed upon him by a fellow tenant when he allegedly raped her nine-year-old granddaughter that she had left his custody while she was attending an all-night prayer at her church.

This came to light when the alleged rapist Forbes Mureva appeared in court charged with rape as defined in Section 65 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act Chapter 9:26.

He was not asked to plead and was remanded in custody to November 25.

Allegations against Mureva are that on 7 November 2021, the victim and her two siblings, one who is five years old and another one whose age was not given and is hearing-impaired, were left by their grandmother sleeping in their bedroom while she was going for an all-night prayer.

It is reported that before she left, the victim’s grandmother asked Mureva if he was attending the all-night prayer and when he indicated to her that he was not going, the grandmother then asked him to look after her grandchildren and he agreed.

Mureva then allegedly betrayed the trust bestowed upon him when he woke up at around midnight and went to the room where the victim and her siblings were sleeping.

Murewa, who was reportedly naked, forcibly took the victim who was sleeping on the sofa and undressed her. He then ordered her to lie down on the floor facing upwards.

When she complied, he then started repeatedly inserting his fingers into her private parts.

The victim reportedly screamed for help, but the alleged sex predator closed her mouth with his right hand before he continued inserting his fingers into her privates.

He went on to allegedly rape her.

It is alleged that in the middle of the forced act, the minor girl managed to push Mureva aside and bolted out of the house and ran to where her grandmother and other church members were gathered.

Upon arrival she narrated her ordeal and the matter was reported to the police leading to Mureva’s arrest.

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