Granddaughter beats up grandma

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Granddaughter beats up grandma


Danisa Masuku

TIRED from being insulted and assaulted by her granddaughter, a 65-year-old Bulawayo woman from Njube suburb sought the protection of the courts.

Sarah Mashindi said her granddaughter, Nomatter Dliwayo (25), was a pain in her neck as she insults her and calls her a witch.

Nomatter is also accused of assaulting Mashindi.

Mashindi said she has been enduring the abuse for four months now.

She is suffering from diabetes and fears that her violent granddaughter would end up killing her if she is not stopped from verbally and physically abusing her.

She therefore sought legal intervention to stop her granddaughter from verbally and physically abusing her.

In her founding affidavit she said: “My granddaughter Nomatter Dliwayo is in the habit of insulting me and assaulting me whenever we are involved in an argument. She does not want to be reprimanded.

When I ask her why she comes home in the dead of the night or even the following day she would get angry and would hurl insults at me.

And she would assault me while calling me a witch who poisoned her mother leading to her death.”

Dliwayo did not turn up at court.

The presiding magistrate Jeconia Prince Ncube granted Mashindi a protection order. Nomatter was ordered not to verbally and physically abuse her grandmother.

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