Gold Diggers brainchild speaks

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Gold Diggers brainchild speaks Ntombikamama


Bubelo Moyo

She is the brains behind the highly anticipated Gold Diggers feature film, the latest motion picture which was premièred on Zambezi Magic (DSTV 160) on International Women’s Day last Sunday.

Ntombikamama “Ntombi” Moyo is not just any ordinary scriptwriter as her stories are proving to be favourable to most, with producers seeking to put some of her works into a motion picture.

“I have been writing stories for as long as I can remember and novels have always been my specialty, until Mr Kudzai Chikomo from Multimedia Box challenged me to try my hand at scriptwriting,” said Ntombi.  

She has lived up to her name, Ntombikamama, which translates to mother’s beloved daughter in English, as her screenplay seeks to portray women in a positive light. 

The playwright has been proving paramount as she has once again exhibited to have what it takes when the pen and pad are at her disposal to put down her imagination.

“It was scary at first but I read books on writing for the screen and realised it was actually straight forward and fun,” she said.

With a number of screenplays under her belt, $400 which got a Nama nomination, Another wedding? and the latest Gold Diggers have not only seen the camera lens but they have been premièred on Zambezi Magic. 

Representing matriarch through scripts 

“The whole women empowerment thing stems from the fact that I am a woman and I have given myself the task of telling our stories as women. We are so strong, full of life and have millions of stories to tell. I feel like I am in a good position to write these stories because I see and hear about these things everyday.

“Also, I just enjoy creating different worlds for my female characters to live in and giving them difficult challenges to overcome. It’s both entertaining and a place to learn and draw inspiration from,” said the story teller.

Reversing the stereotypes, Ntombi seeks to put into picture that men can also practise what the society perceives to be of the feminine.

“I wrote Gold Diggers because I wanted to silence the idea that only women can be gold diggers. The truth is, men and women are the same — we are all “gold diggers” digging for something in life, be it money, happiness or even marriage.

“The question is, are we digging in the right places for the right reasons? So I came up with the story of Laika, a self-made wealthy girl who will do anything to keep Leo’s greedy hands away from her hard-earned wealth,” said Ntombi.

Another Wedding? Is a romantic drama with women at heart, which features nascent and veteran actors from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe including Precious Makhulumo, Sarah Mpofu and Memory Kumbota.

The hour-long film is about Bonke Dlamini, a single woman who is conflicted over societal expectations of women who are in their late 20s. 

Luckily for Bonke, she meets her dream man who is equally hard working.

However, right in the middle of her romance with her knight in shining armour, another woman shows up, and the story takes an interesting turn.

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