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Langalakhe Mabena
South Africa-based songstress Gigi Lamayne is set to venture into acting and will feature in Disney Plus animation series titled Kizazi Moto Generation Fire which will première in 2023.

The space opera is described as taking the audience into the future of Africa.

Other superstars who will feature in the series are South Africans Tumi Morake, Pearl Thusi and hip-hop sensation Nasty C.

From her base in Mzansi, Gigi Lamayne said it was a dream come true for her to be part of the cast of the much-anticipated series.

“This is a dream come true, it’s a manifestation because I had actually posted about wanting to be cast on a Marvel production.

“So, when I got the call that they would like me to be part of the Generation Fire production, I received the invite with both hands,” said Gigi Lamayne.

The singer-cum-actress said she auditioned for the role.

“I was called for the auditions and it was quite a journey, I won’t lie, because no one can turn down an opportunity to work with Disney.

I am happy I nailed the tryout.

“Also, being part of a narrative that is anchored on a strong stance of black magic is also exciting.

I grew up watching Disney so it’s amazing seeing young Africans doing the most especially in our generation,” she said.

The acting gig will allow Gigi Lamayne to spread her wings and also champion her campaign of advocating for the empowerment of a black African girl.

“It’s a dream come true for a young black child to get opportunities such as these and getting our voices heard in such a manner.

“In as much as I am a musician, I have always wanted to go into the finer arts like voice-over and acting.

I am glad that it’s now happening on an international level where I can represent an African strong voice as part of Disney’s journey,” said Gigi Lamayne.

Can she leak the storyline of the production and her character?

“I can’t say too much about my character or the storyline but it has a very strong African voice behind it.

“But I can say as Africans, we really needed cool productions that represent us as Africans even if it’s on kids’ level.

This particular production will open doors for me on the acting scene,” she said.

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