Giggs ex tells of ‘shame’ at staying in ‘living hell’

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Giggs ex tells of ‘shame’ at staying in ‘living hell’ Ryan Giggs and Kate Greville


Ryan Giggs’ ex has told a court she is “ashamed” of going back to him after she claimed he allegedly assaulted and verbally abused her throughout their relationship.

Kate Greville, 36, said she moved in with Giggs in March 2020 when coronavirus hit but claimed in court that lockdown with the former Manchester United player was a “living hell”.

She told jurors at Manchester Crown Court that he made her feel “stupid and inadequate” for not loading the dishwasher correctly and felt like she was “losing her mind”.

Ms Greville also accused Giggs, 48, of grabbing her by the wrist and throwing her out of a Dubai hotel room, and claimed that, at a hotel in London, he threw a bag with a laptop inside it at her head.

The court that, on another occasion in February 2020, she claimed Giggs called her by his ex-wife’s name and pulled the strap on her bag so hard that she fell forward and landed on her knee, causing a bruise.

Former Wales manager Giggs is on trial accused of controlling behaviour towards Ms Greville between 2017 and 2020.

He is also accused of headbutting her during a row at their home in Worsley, Greater Manchester, and elbowing Kate’s sister Emma Greville in the jaw in November 2020.

Giggs, who denies all charges, won 64 caps for Wales and 13 Premier League titles, two Champions League trophies, four FA Cups and three League Cups during his time at Manchester United. He is also a co-owner of League Two side Salford City.

Jurors have seen a number of messages between Giggs and Kate Greville including examples when one of them would row with the other about not replying quickly enough.

Mr Daw said: “Is it fair to say the dynamic of your relationship is that you both expected really rapid responses when you sent each other messages?”

Ms Greville said: “He had conditioned me into behaving like that, because he was like that. I would think well you expect me to reply within seconds, so why do you not reply within seconds?”

Mr Daw continued: “You were both like that, you were utterly addicted to messaging all the time backwards and forwards.”

The barrister then referred to a series of messages Ms Greville sent Giggs in January 2018 after which she adds: “And my own f****** boyfriend can’t reply to a message”.

The court heard Giggs then replied a few seconds later: “Wtf [what the f***]” and “I have just sorted the kids out”.

Mr Daw suggested: “You were both as bad as each other. It’s not him conditioning you. You were cross and angry when you didn’t get them quick enough.”

Ms Greville claimed: “I felt like it was him making me like that. He was making me react and act like that. It wasn’t a natural reaction for me to be like that.”

Jurors also heard messages between Giggs and Ms Greville after he allegedly assaulted her at a hotel in London in December 2019.

The pair were said to be staying at The Stafford London, in Green Park, when Giggs “threw a bag containing a laptop” at Ms Greville’s head, which caused it to “swell and bruise”.

The court heard the pair rowed after Ms Greville accused him of flirting with a woman he was paired with for crazy golf.

Ms Greville denied she tried to “wind him up” in retaliation by flirting with a man in a club later on.

She told the court: “While we were at breakfast, I went to touch my head and my head was hurting. I said: ‘Did you throw a bag at me last night?’ and he said: ‘Yes, but you wound me up that much you made me do it’.”

The barrister also said messages between the pair from the next morning showed “no sign” there had been an assault the night before.

The trial continues. – Mirror

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