Get married! . . . Man torments sister, evicts her from family house

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Get married! . . . Man torments sister, evicts her from family house


Shelton Masina

A woman from Entumbane in Bulawayo has claimed that her brother was forcing her out of the family house saying she had no right to stay there but should get married.

On the other hand, the brother also hit back saying he spent most of his time in the rural areas and the sister barred him from the house saying he did not pay rent.   

“My brother is chasing me from the house. He says I am supposed to be married,” said Happiness.

Happiness also complained that her brother’s conduct was robbing her of her happiness as he also did not respect her as he used to have sexual intercourse with his wife in her presence.

“He always insults me, disturbing my peace and also has sexual intercourse with his wife in my presence because we share the same room,” said Happiness Mpofu.

Happiness  accused  his brother, Nkosikhona, of abusing her and her daughter. At one point, she said, Nkosilathi bashed her and insulted her about her disability.

“He once bashed me and emotionally abused my four-year-old child. He further insulted me about my disability and threatened to bash me again,” said Happiness.

Nkosikhona, however, dismissed the allegations raised by his sister. He said his sister always barred him from the family home whenever he visited from the rural areas.

“She always bars me when I come from the rural area and says that I don’t pay rent. The house does not even belong to her because it is our late grandfather’s house,” said Nkosikhona.

This dispute between siblings came to light at the Western Commonage magistrates’ courts when Happiness sought a protection order against Nkosikhona. The magistrate granted Happiness a protection order and told Nkosikhona not to interfere with her. He also told them to both leave the house for the sake of peace. 

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