From studying Bioscience, Biotech to writing romantic novels

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From studying Bioscience, Biotech to writing romantic novels Langa Ncube


Bubelo Moyo

We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect — Anaïs Nin

Having a male best friend was a blessing in disguise for  Bioscience and Biotechnology graduate Langa Ncube as it triggered a story idea in her mind and she never hesitated to put it down on a pad through ink.

“Looking back at my life encounters with my dear best friend, I then thought to myself that our moments were worth being penned down because people kept on questioning our friendship as they thought we were dating, so I decided to go with that story line,” said Langa.

Defying the odds, the born-to-write female scientist inks down the story of her life in her debut book titled Hidden Obsession which is a love-life tale, unarguably based on her own personal life encounters with her best buddy.

The South Africa-based Zimbabwean visionary writer inspired by the celebrated Tsitsi Dangarembga, the author of Nervous Conditions, has a dream of walking the path that the prodigy took through her own writings.

Chronicling the opus, Langa said it paints a visual of two best friends who were living in denial. They kept their feelings a secret and maintained a healthy friendship. However, life kept on throwing stones at both of them until they collected enough to build an empire together.

“The novel has a moral of educating people to never hide their feelings if they feel some kind of way towards each other, but if all is given time and patience, they will lead a love life with no regrets. More so there’s another lesson of staying woke and not investing too much on other people as they are human too with capabilities of disappointing,” she said.

Langa Ncube is a Bioscience and Biotechnology degree holder from the Midlands State University (MSU).  

Hidden Obsession is available on Amazon Kindle online book store.

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