From basketball player to renowned model

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From basketball player to renowned model Shadel Noble


Raymond Jaravaza
IN the fashion runway circles, Bulawayo based Shadel Noble needs no introduction having graced some of the biggest shows not only in Zimbabwe but also the Sadc region in a short space of time since bursting into the industry in 2015.

The 22-year-old modela��s success story on the ramp makes for good reading.

Winner of the best male model of the year at the Matabeleland Fashion Week 2015, Mr Fingers 2015 as well modelling stints in South Africa, the gentleman is poised for greater heights.

Yet few people know that Noble is a basketball ace and budding coach.

During his school days at Founders High, Noble propelled the institution into the finals of the inter-schools competition to give the school bragging rights to represent Bulawayo Province at the national schools basketball tournament that were played in September of 2012.

Shadel is also a basketball coach at Henry Low Primary School and plays for Oilers, a Bulawayo basketball team and has been in the Matabeleland basketball squad.

B-Metro Sport (BM) took time to talk to the model (SN) about his other passion off the ramp a�� basketball.

BM:A� Shadel please tell us about your love for basketball, when did you start playing?

SN: I started playing in 2006 at primary school. The sheer pace and competiveness attracted me to the game. I never looked back and my love for the game grew with each passing year.

BM: A few people recall your name from your Founders High School days, what are some of your achievements as a schoolboy basketball player?

SN: I represented Bulawayo Province at the Zimbabwe National Under-20 Youth Games, was voted the most valuable player and top scorer at the inter-schools tournament in 2012 and was also voted the Founders High School player of the year. I have also represented Zimbabwe at Under 16 and 18 levels.

BM: When did you start playing club basketball?

SN: I started playing club basketball for Koas in 2008 then crossed over to Oilers in 2012.

BM: You are now a coach at Henry Low Primary School, when did you go into coaching?

SN: I have always had a passion for coaching, to impart my knowledge and skills to young players especially at primary school level and started coaching in 2014. Ita��s a good feeling training and teaching the game to the next generation of players.

BM: Do you still play for Oilers? And how do you balance playing and coaching?

SN: I reserve afternoons specifically for coaching my young players and attend training sessions for Oilers in the evenings. There is no clash between coaching and playing, I have mastered the art of balancing the two.

BM:A� How do you balance modelling and basketball?

SN: Modelling is a part time job so ita��s easier to draw up a schedule that balances the two. Honestly, it does get a bit hectic sometimes but I believe where there is a will there is always a way.

BM: Lastly how did your father, a respected former player and coach influence you to take the game?

SN:A� I always enjoyed watching my father playing and he was my inspiration to take up the game. As a coach he has been very influential in my playing career. My mother Fungai is also a former basketball player so watching both my parents play was great inspiration. Basketball has taught me to live an active and healthy lifestyle and my modelling career has also benefitted from the game in a way.

Noble is son to the legendary basketball player and coach Ernie.

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