Football suffers as ZIFA and PSL rages on

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Football suffers as ZIFA and PSL rages on Kenny Ndebele


Raymond Jaravaza
PREMIER Soccer league clubs will not sit back and allow chief executive officer Kenny Ndebele to be ‘victimised’ for raising pertinent issues on the unsustainability of holding a mini league next month, B-Metro Sport has gathered.

There have been fissures between Zifa and the PSL on the modalities of holding a mini league in a bio-bubble environment.

The sticking issue has been the funding of the bio-bubble concept.

Zifa admits there is no money to fund the project as acknowledged by association president Felton Kamambo.

“We can’t confirm the kick-off date for now. We have approached a number of corporates for funding, but nothing concrete has come out. The PSL is also looking for potential sponsors as well. It is still work in progress,” Kamambo told the media.

Felton Kamambo

But PSL clubs feel their head of secretariat Ndebele is being victimised by the football mother body for questioning the holding of the proposed mini league.

Ndebele is accused of possible misconduct amid allegations that he undermined the authority of Zifa through Press statements as well as writing letters to the Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) and the World League Forum.

“The CEO does not operate in a vacuum, what he says in the public fora has the blessing of PSL clubs, the same clubs that he represents as the head of secretariat of the league. Any attempts to victimise him will not be entertained by PSL clubs,” said a Bulawayo-based club official.

Ndebele is further accused of making statements, through the media, which Zifa claim portrayed a negative view of the football association.

Another charge is his alleged failure to provide accounting information as had been requested by the association’s general secretary.

One club governor said Ndebele’s head was on the chopping block for questioning the disbursement of Covid-19 relief funds and the latest charges by Zifa were just a smokescreen.

“The real issue emanates from the Covid-19 relief funds and Ndebele is being victimised for expressing disappointment on why Zifa had revised funds to be received by each of the 18 clubs. First it was US$20 000 then the figure was changed to US$10 000,” said the governor.

Zifa CEO Joseph Mamutse could not be reached for a comment as his phone was continuously unreachable.

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