Father stabbed over witchcraft accusation

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Father stabbed over witchcraft accusation Clayton Moyo (left), Layton Moyo (centre) and Nelson Toma (right)


Danisa Masuku

In a shocking incident two South Africa-based men allegedly murdered their 54-year-old father after they accused him of bewitching them causing them to be covered by a cloud of bad luck.

The incident happened on Friday last week at Hlanganiso Village under Chief Mazetese’s jurisdiction in Mwenezi District, Masvingo province.

A source from the village said the deceased, Nelson Toma (54) left to drink beer at Nkomo Township. 

Toma was reportedly joined by his neighbour Saviors Masuka (53).

“They started drinking beer at 2pm. They then left at 9pm. The two parted ways near Toma’s homestead. Unbeknown to him, his two sons  Clayton (22) and Layton (20), who are based in South Africa, had ambushed him near the gate of his homestead.

“They informed him that they consulted a n’anga who informed them that he was bewitching them causing them to suffer bad luck in whatever they lay their hands on,” the source said. 

The source went on to say that Toma’s wife Khethiwe Mzaya (45) heard arguments from the gate and never bothered.

After a few minutes, the noise heightened, prompting Mzaya to check on what was happening.

“Clayton and Layton were accusing their father of bewitching them while demanding traditional healers’ paraphernalia that included a black cloth and white cloth that he used  to cast a bad spell on them,” said the source.

At the height of the argument Clayton and Layton pushed their father into his matrimonial bedroom hut while demanding a black cloth and two white cloths.

“They took turns to beat him with clenched fists and booted feet and  stabbed him on his back with a sharp object. Seeing him bleeding profusely, his wife begged him to give  them and he gave them a black and white cloth,” said the source.

But they demanded the other white cloth, insisting that he hid it in the house.

“They continued assaulting him and stabbed him several times with a sharp object on the back. Mzaya rushed to invite a neighbour to intervene but the neighbour never bothered,” said the  source.

When Mzaya returned she found Toma lying in a pool of blood while groaning in agony. Her sons left him in a pool of blood and fled. She sat beside him.

“He  died at around 4am last week on Friday while she was  trying to conduct first aid on him,” the source said. A police report was made.

Masvingo police spokesperson Chief Inspector Charity Mazula confirmed the murder incident.

“I can confirm that two men  Clayton and Layton are  said to have  beaten their father Nelson Toma  while accusing him of bewitching them with paraphernalia that  included black cloth and white cloth. The pair is on the run,” said Chief  Inspector Mazula.

Chief Inspector Mazula urged  members of the public not to take the law into their own hands but seek help from third parties.

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