Fashion show lives up to billing

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Fashion show lives up to billing Pusha Ntwana models


Bubelo Moyo

IT was a high-fashion thing!

Famous world renowned fashionista Alexander McQueen once said: “In the new era in fashion there are no rules. It’s all about the individual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels, and up-and-coming designers all together.” A Bulawayo fast-rising fashion designer duo seem to relive the statement.

Trendsetter Shaun Sita of the White Cotton brand and Alex Kumirai of the Pusha Ntwana label, jointly launched the first of its kind event in the city at a local upmarket joint dubbed, “The Smoke house fashion show,” last Friday night.

The duo proved their worth in the style industry by introducing the new trendy street summer wear in a full house show.

Renowned and nascent models dressed up in rare high-fashion robes and strutted down the red-carpet runway to showcase the works of the twin-fashion designers with the showcase pieces landing a place in the hearts of the ecstatic fashion lovers.
What’s the style like?

The label White Cotton brings to the table a brand-new type of formal clothing referred to as “the formal overall suit” which is a sign that fashion fades, but style is eternal and could not go unnoticed.

“Fashion is a language on its own and with my signature designer suits I bring a bit of African taste in it, with the brand White Cotton bringing a new style unique to us only the Bulawayans,” said Shaun.

For Alex, the vision is influenced by the Denim and African wear print which he has infused to bring an extraordinary classy look.
“Denim flavour has been the in-thing and so is the African print wear. I then thought of merging the two to see how it appeals to the fashionistas,” said Alex.

What sets them apart from other designers in town?

For the Pusha Ntwana label, they have come out of the box and went the extra mile by launching a modelling agency.
White Cotton was established in 2010 as a formal clothing line and nine years later they have managed to bring about a new casual fashion designer, Boyd Gopo.

“White Cotton is not just a profit-making fashion line, it seeks to empower up-and-coming fashion designers from all across the country by offering them internship to widen their skills,” said Shaun.

Their Afro-Euro centric fusion fashion has made it possible for the designers to make it in the industry.

“Looking back to the time when Club Horizon (now Vista) was opened, we were the first to have a fashion show there, and now we were the first at The Smoke House,” said Shaun.

The ambitious White Cotton is making waves in the Southern African region, with shows in South Africa and Botswana. One of their achievements was in 2013 when they dressed the celebrated Botswana’s Vee Mampeezy for the Gaborone Annual Festival.

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