Family in nasty fight over witchcraft

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Family in nasty fight over witchcraft Nkosilathi Ndlovu


Gibson Mhaka

A NASTY fight has rocked a family at a plot in Fairbridge in Bulawayo with accusations of witchcraft flying among family members. 

A sick Ndaniso Ndlovu who was being represented by his son Nkosilathi tried to seek the intervention of the court to make peace with other family members Ndaniso Ncube, Mavis Sibanda, Mbongeni Ncube, Abraham Ncube and Diana Ncube who are accusing him of bewitching them.

Nkosilathi of Plot 8 Fairstar claimed the acrimony reportedly started after the death of Mavis’ daughter.

So nasty is the fight that Nkosilathi claimed his relatives had confronted him at different occasions especially at family gatherings armed with dangerous weapons such as screwdrivers, hammers and metal rods.

This was revealed at the Bulawayo Civil Court where Nkosilathi was seeking a protection order against the five family members who are constantly harassing his father over witchcraft accusations.

“The following close relatives Ndaniso Ncube, Mavis Sibanda, Diana Ncube, Abraham Ncube and Mbongeni Ncube, have since 2016 confronted me at different times and occasions threatening to kill me. 

“They were in those instances armed with dangerous weapons such as screwdrivers, hammers and metal rods. On 12 January this year and at around midday Diana who is my biological mother approached me purporting that there was a family meeting, but we ended up at Fairbridge Police Station. 

“At the police station Ndanisa and Mavis started accusing me of practising witchcraft and that I killed Mavis’ daughter Patience. They then threatened me with unspecified action. Following their threats, I am now living in fear,”said Nkosilathi on behalf of his father.

He maintained that the family members in question were always taking advantage of family gatherings to attack him.

The request for a protection order was not granted after the presiding magistrate Tinashe Tashaya realised that Nkosilathi’s father was of ill-health. The magistrate, however, advised him to revisit the matter once his father had recovered.

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