Family haunted after dispute over killing

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Family haunted after dispute over killing


Leonard Ncube
A TSHOLOTSHO family whose son was allegedly fatally stabbed by a neighbour recently is reportedly being haunted by strange beings including the mysterious death of another member and a fire incident that burnt a hut after a clash with the alleged murderer’s family.

The strange happenings reportedly started about three weeks ago after Nkosana Moyo allegedly stabbed Blondy Sibanda with a knife following a misunderstanding over a girl they both were reportedly dating.

Both men whose ages were not given, reside in Malilahunda Village in Nemane’s Ward 11 under Chief Gampu.

The two were on their way home from a soccer tournament in neighbouring Godweni area in Ward 10 when the fatal incident occurred.
Moyo has since appeared at the Tsholotsho magistrates’ court for murder.

However, B-Metro was told that the bereaved and accused’s families clashed over the incident resulting in a series of meetings where both swore to “fix” each other.

Traditionally, it is believed that swearing at each other in such a manner is a bad omen that is bound to cause mysterious death.

It is alleged that two days after Sibanda’s burial, his maternal aunt Mrs Emely Ncube-Sibanda (70) reportedly started vomiting blood before she collapsed and died.

A few days later, a kitchen hut at the deceased’s elder brother Brown Sibanda’s homestead mysteriously caught fire resulting in all the property that was inside burning. Only minor children were at home when the fire broke out.

Chief Gampu said the whole community was still in shock because of the strange happenings.

“I was supposed to go to the funeral of a boy who was stabbed by a neighbour but I ended up sending one of my headmen to represent me as I was committed. Later I was told about the mysterious death of the deceased’s aunt and a fire incident that burnt a hut. I am yet to go there but the headman has briefed me about the strange incidents. I am told the families are fighting and swore at each other which everyone believes is the reason behind all the strange things,” said Chief Gampu.

He could not be drawn into revealing how the issue would be resolved.

Mrs Ncube-Sibanda was spokesperson for the Sibanda family during talks with the Moyo family.

None of the two families could be reached for comment. — @ncubeleon

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