Family cries out for justice

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Family cries out for justice The late Sibonakaliso Fuzane


Charity Mathema

A family from Nkuba Village under Chief Tshugulu in Nkayi, Matabeleland North province is crying out for justice following the brutal murder of their daughter allegedly by her husband who is walking free.

Sibonakaliso Fuzane (38), was allegedly brutally murdered by her husband, Born Yisaya from Madlambuzi in Plumtree, Matabeleland South province on 1 September over a yet to be established domestic dispute.

She was buried on 9 September at her parents’ rural home in Nkayi.

It is reported that despite allegedly committing the crime, Born has not been arrested, leaving the family devastated and desperately pursuing all avenues of justice for their daughter.

According to the family account Sibonakaliso was lured by her husband to his sister Khelina Yisaya’s place in Maitengwe area in Bulilima under the pretext that they wanted to resolve a dispute they were having.

However, upon arrival, Born’s sister unexpectedly started attacking Sibonakaliso with stones causing her to fall to the ground.
Seizing the opportunity, Born is alleged to have viciously attacked his wife with a sword, before stabbing her 10 times all over the body.

After the frenzied stabbing, Born and his sister allegedly dragged Sibonakaliso across the border into Botswana where they forced her to sit down before they allegedly stabbed her twice in the throat with a knife.

Following this horrific act, Born returned home and threatened to kill his children, brother and his brother’s wife before he hanged himself but he was stopped from committing the cowardly act by members of the community.

Consumed by guilt, Born reportedly went to the Botswana police and confessed to killing his wife.

He alegedly led the authorities to the crime scene, where he was subsequently arrested.

Shockingly, he was released from police custody after two days and came back home.

Meanwhile, after his release, Born, seemingly unaffected by his heinous actions, has been seen at his home and drinking as if nothing had happened.

It is, however, something which is not going down well with Sibonakaliso’s family witnessing someone who they say murdered their daughter walking freely without facing any consequences for his alleged actions.

Narrating the incident to B-Metro, family spokesperson Kilton Fuzane said they were enduring immense pain and frustration as they witnessed the man responsible for the death of their daughter seemingly unaffected by his actions.

Kilton Fuzane

In tears, he said his heart was hurting because of their daughter’s death, adding that they were pleading for justice to be served and for Born to be arrested and prosecuted for his heinous crime.

“The brutal murder of Sibonakaliso at the hands of her husband, Born Yisaya, has left us as a family devastated and seeking justice. Despite the brutal nature of the crime, Born is walking free, as the Zimbabwean police claim jurisdictional limitations due to the fact that the incident occurred across the border in Botswana.

“The pain and frustration continues to grow as we are waiting for the necessary paperwork and coordination between authorities to ensure Born’s arrest and trial.

“The Zimbabwean police claim they cannot arrest him since the crime occurred across the border in Botswana.

“They are arguing that proper documentation and coordination with the Botswana police are necessary for the case to be transferred and for Born to be held accountable,” Kilton said sorrowfully.

He said the delay in taking action was denying their family justice for their daughter.

When contacted for comment Matabeleland South provincial spokesperson Inspector Loveness Mangena said all questions should be referred to national police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi who was, however, not available by the time of publishing.

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