FALSE ALARM: Kwekwe Covid-19 suspect tests negative

27 Mar, 2020 - 00:03 0 Views
FALSE ALARM: Kwekwe Covid-19 suspect tests negative


Michael Magoronga
Residents in Kwekwe heaved a huge sigh of relief after a suspected case of the deadly coronavirus in Kwekwe tested negative.

The woman, who is a nurse at Kwekwe General Hospital, had travelled to Portugal and upon her return, she showed signs and symptoms of the deadly virus and immediately voluntarily went on self-quarantine.

Workmates who were in contact with her also went on self-quarantine.

The woman, who had travelled to the European country to visit her husband, was tested together with her 25-year-old son and both were negative of the virus.

Kwekwe District environment health officer under the Ministry of Health and Child Care Vitalis Kwashira confirmed the development.

“We had a suspected case of Covid-19 of a woman who had travelled to Portugal to visit her husband. Upon her return she showed signs and symptoms of the virus and she went on self-isolate. Our medical team collected samples that were sent to Wilkins for testing and we are pleased to announce that the results came out negative,” said Kwashira.

He also confirmed that the woman’s son who stays with her also tested negative.

“He also had to be tested since they stay together and he also tested negative. Those who had been in contact with her had also gone on voluntary self-isolation and they were obviously happy to hear that she is negative,” he said.

He allayed fears that there were nurses who had been contaminated and urged people not to panic.

“People can visit the hospital for services at any given time, there are no affected nurses as suggested by social media reports. The suspected case has been dealt with and the lady and her son are doing well. They are very fit as we speak,” he said.

He said Kwekwe district had a total of 107 travellers who had been on quarantine and being monitored.

“Of the 107 we are now left with 49 while the rest have either been released after 21 days or travelled back to their places of residence,” he said.

Speaking during a Covid-19 district task force meeting, co-chair of the committee, Fortune Mpungu said the district was working with various stakeholders to decongest the city.

“We are working with different stakeholders to ensure that people maintain the one metre apart distance and decongest the city. We have since removed people from the markets, as well as illegal vendors and we continue encouraging people to stay indoors and travel when it’s only necessary,” said Mpungu.

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