Ezimnyama to launch Jewel of Africa

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Ezimnyama to launch Jewel of Africa Ezimnyama Dance Ensemble


Langalakhe Mabena

Multi-award winning traditional dance ensemble Ezimnyama are bringing change in the arts and culture sector courtesy of their unique production of dance plays that are popular among both theatre and traditional dance fanatics.

After successfully delivering their first traditional dance play at this year’s Intwasa Arts Festival titled African Rituals, which was a co-production with Gwanda’s Bolamba Arts, Ezimnyama are back with a new solo stage piece titled “The Jewel of Africa”.

The traditional dance play is set to première on 6 November at Bulawayo Theatre from 7pm.

Phibion Ncube, the founder and director of Ezimnyama, said: “African Jewel is a play which celebrates different Zimbabwean dances and culture. It was directed by myself and choreographed by Richard Ndlovu who is one of the country’s best choreographers.”

The dances that are portrayed in the play are pure Zimbabwean dances which include Mbira, Dinhe, Chinyambera, Mbakumba and Isitshikitsha.

“Mbira is a spiritual dance that is meant to appease the ancestors while Dinhe dance is a ploughing and harvest dance. Chinyambera dance is meant to showcase hunting skills and techniques.

“Mbakumba is a dance which is meant to celebrate bumper harvest while Isitshikitsha is simply a celebratory dance on social gatherings. All these dances are common in the Shona and Ndebele communities and they are brought together in the play as a unique tale that celebrates Zimbabwean culture,“ said Ncube.

With only a few days before the event, Ncube revealed that people were keen to grace the event judging from the ticket sales.

He encouraged those who had not booked their seats to do so early before the show was sold out.

“Bulawayo is showing us love and we can see with the number of people who are willing to grace the event. So far we have already sold over 200 tickets which is a sign that Bulawayo is behind us in full support.

“I encourage those who are willing to grace the event to get their tickets early because they are selling like hot cakes. The show will be sold out soon,“ said Ncube.

After its première in the city of Kings, the play will tour Zimbabwe before it goes international.

Tickets for the show are pegged at $15.

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