Exposed! Why priest dressed down man during church service?

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Exposed! Why priest dressed down man during church service? Father Thomas Kutwa


Danisa Masuku

A SCHOOL Development Committee (SDC) chairperson at St Bernard’s Primary School in Bulawayo’s Old Pumula suburb who was recently attacked and dressed down by a priest who is also stationed at the same school has opened up about his strained relationship with the man of God.

Levy Mahlangu said their feud with Father Thomas Kutwa started after the latter ejected an Early Childhood Development (ECD) class from one of the rooms without consulting the SDC. The SDC tried to seek an audience with him to no avail.

“Sometime in August this year I was called by the headmaster to his office and he told me that Father Thomas Kutwa has evicted an ECD class from one of the rooms that they were using without consulting us so that necessary plans were to be put in place to secure a proper learning place for the pupils,” he said.

He said one of the school officials told him that Father Kutwa said he wanted to use the classroom as his office despite the fact that he has his own office.

“I then called for a meeting since SDC was not notified of the eviction but he refused to attend that meeting.

“After that we agreed to go ahead with the meeting. We gave him minutes of the meeting and that is when he confronted me saying I’m the one who had written the minutes and I told him that it was not me but he insisted that it was me.

That is when he threatened me saying this was not going to end well.”
Following that chilling threat, a church member who requested not to be named said Father Kutwa went on to read the riot act to Mahlangu during a church service.

“When he stepped onto the pulpit we thought he was about to preach the Word of God but we were shocked when he suddenly turned violent and started saying there were people who were troublesome at the Parish.

“He said those people had been troublesome to previous priests and had caused their unceremonious departure,” said a source.

The source added: “As we were waiting with bated breath he then pointed at Levy Mahlangu and  said ‘Mahlangu stop being a bad influence and go and tell someone that you are working with. You are now my project and my target. I will deal with you and I will fix you.”

Head of the Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Bulawayo, Archbishop Alex Thomas confirmed the feud between the parties saying: “We are handling the issue as we are engaging all parties that are involved. It’s a small issue which was blown out of proportion.”
Spirited efforts to get a comment from Father Kutwa were fruitless as his phone rang unanswered.

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