Ex-lover kidnaps, rapes pregnant woman

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Ex-lover kidnaps, rapes pregnant woman


Gibson Mhaka

THE month of March marks the annually celebrated Women’s History Month, an observance of the incredible accomplishments of women throughout history.

But the case of a Mbembesi woman from Matabeleland North will apparently put a dent on that after she told her harrowing story of being violently attacked and sexually assaulted by her scorned ex-lover.

The woman whose name is being withheld for ethical reasons claimed her ex-lover Nkosikhona Majola from Mbethe Village, Mbembesi was angry when he discovered that she had moved on with her life and had been impregnated by another man.

She said as punishment against her, the ex-lover would on several occasions when she was heavily pregnant “kidnap” her, holding her against her will inside his home where he forced her to have sexual intercourse with him. 

She claimed when she refused to sleep with him, her daring ex-lover would threaten her with death.

The woman’s terrifying ordeal is captured in court documents obtained at the Bulawayo Civil Court where she was seeking an interim protection order against her violent and abusive ex-lover.

“Nkosikhona Majola of Mbethe Village is my ex-lover. We separated in 2017 due to his abusive tendencies. He is disturbing my peace as he continues to be abusive towards me even after we have separated. 

“He has been stalking me and forcefully taking me to his home while dragging me through the bush. This has happened several times the latest being in January this year while I was eight months pregnant. He was bitter why I had moved on and impregnated by another man,” she stated.

She said Majola would subject her to the harrowing experience whenever he met her walking home alone.

“When he forced me to go with him to his house, he would force me to sleep with him and threaten to kill me if I disobeyed his orders. I am no longer feeling safe as he also breaks into our house when my family is not around,” she said.

She, however, appealed to the court to grant her an interim protection order claiming her life was in danger at the hands of her ex-lover.

The presiding magistrate Adelaide Mbeure, in a bid to accord the woman immediate protection, granted the order which sternly orders her ex-lover not to verbally, physically and sexually abuse her or threaten her in any way.

The final order will be granted on 27 March after hearing from the complainant and the alleged offender.

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