Ex-lover in midnight torment

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Ex-lover in midnight torment


Hazel Marimbiza
Sindiso Masuku parted ways with Shamine Yolanda Manunga because he accused her of being a prostitute. However, he still torments her at midnight.

He goes to where she stays in Nkulumane 5 and taps by her bedroom window. If he doesn’t get a response he starts hissing and in most cases pleads with her to fall in love with him again.

Masuku’s actions have been so creepy and disturbing such that Manunga’s neighbours also hear him making funny noises and they have since threatened to report her to the police if she does not control her estranged ex-lover.

A distressed Manunga was left with no option but to seek help from the courts in a bid to have Masuku distanced from her.

“I wish to apply for a protection order against Sindiso Masuku who is my ex-boyfriend.

We have a daughter who is a month old.

He comes to my place at midnight and starts making noises in the night and disturbs neighbours,” said Manunga.

She further revealed that whenever Masuku comes he also forces her to fall in love with him again.

“He forces me to fall in love with him, but I have moved on and I no longer love him.

Whenever I tell him I’m not interested he insults me,” said Manunga.

Western Commonage magistrate Stephen Ndlovu granted an interim order.

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