Ex-junkie LSU student anoints self a prophet and forms church

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Ex-junkie LSU student anoints  self a prophet and forms church Fortune Brown Zikhali


Marsline Natani
A Lupane State University student who used to be an alcoholic and drug addict has declared himself a prophet and opened a church at Lupane Centre.

Fortune Brown Zikhali started drinking and smoking at Cyrene Boys High School.

“In 2014, I was caught up in a gang of people who used to drink and smoke and to be honest it was fun, but for a while because l was now a slave to alcohol, I moved to different parts of the country drinking in clubs,” he said.

His wayward behaviour did not please his mother.

In 2017 she finally got fed up and took him to Prophet Walter Magaya, who delivered him.

Zikhali, who is doing a Degree in Geography and Information Science, said from the day he got delivered, he had dreams of him preaching.

In 2018 he had an encounter with Prophet Praymore Jele, who is now his god father.

Prophet Jele helped him nurture the gift of prophecy.

Now known as Apostle Timothy, Zikhali, the Pumula North suburb resident, revealed that he has encountered doubters because of his age and past.

He said: “It is difficult to carry the work of the Lord especially from a young age because people think that one will be doing it for money and at the end they judge.”

Zikhali said one of the people he prophesied was a former LSU student (Estel Ngwenya) who is now studying in Poland.

“I made a prophecy to one of my daughters who was in Lupane, but now she is in Poland.

The prophecy was that God is changing her name to favour, and because God will favour her she was picked to go and study in Poland,” he said.

His works have seen him found a church called Voice of Fire Anointing.

Most of his congregants are LSU students and local residents.

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