Enraged man bites lover’s nose

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Enraged man  bites lover’s nose


Gibson Mhaka

A 45-YEAR-OLD woman was left bloodied after her 43-year-old lover bit her on the nose following a misunderstanding after she busted him with another woman at his house.

So vicious and sickening was the attack that the woman, Eunice Chari, now requires plastic surgery to “repair” her nose.

The horrific attack was heard when her lover Edward Chamburuka appeared before Concession magistrate Joshua Nembaware charged with physical abuse.

The court heard that on 14 December last year Chari visited her lover at his house and found the doors locked.

She, however, became suspicious that her lover was inside when she spotted his shoes outside on the doorstep.

She reportedly knocked on the door but there was no response and when she decided to peep through the window, she reportedly saw her lover with another woman, and she quickly went back to her house.

When Chari later came back at around 3pm claiming she had come to collect her fertiliser, Chamburuka asked her why she was peeping through the window and an argument arose between the two parties.

At the height of the argument, Chari grabbed her lover by his jacket and asked him why he was wasting her time.

In a fit of rage, Chamburuka hit her once on the forehead with a fist and Chari continued grabbing Chamburuka by his jacket while pushing and shoving him before they both fell to the ground.

Seething with anger Chamburuka then bit his lover on the nose and in defence Chari reportedly grabbed his manhood and squeezed it repeatedly before she also bit him on the left thumb.

Chari went and reported the matter to the police leading to Chamburuka’s arrest.

Chari, however, told the court that she wanted to withdraw the matter claiming Chamburuka was paying for her medical bills and that she also intended to undergo plastic surgery to “repair” her nose and Chamburuka had agreed to pay for the process.

Prosecutor Precious Khanye appeared for the State.

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