East68 pub and grill: The home for traditionally grilled meat cravers

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East68 pub and grill: The home for traditionally grilled meat cravers


Bubelo Moyo

Are you craving borewors, braai and stone cold drinks? The Braai Master, uBaba uHadebe is your man as he is able to hook you up with the best braai combo served with the best chakalaka salad, sauce and pap in the city.

Prior to Sis Enny’s beaming reception smile welcoming you by the indoor bar entrance your attention will be quickly drawn away by the paramount savannah atmosphere at the outdoor garden which feels like a getaway joint located a 1 000 miles away from you while it’s just five miles away from the City of Kings’ central business district. 

Not easily shaken by the garden atmosphere, one may decide to head for a fine couch in the indoor bar, from all directions there are wall drilled plasma screens playing the best entertainment one can desire.

Have you ever longed for frost cold beer during a cold day? Ironic but realistic, yes, this is the place to be with warm air emanating from the odourless gas heaters positioned in every corner of the indoor bar.

East68 Pub and Grill is a world class yet local food bar situated at exactly five miles (10 minutes drive) away from the Bulawayo city centre along 12th Avenue at a calm low density suburb, Matsheumhlophe.

Established in 2016, East68 is proud to serve the traditional braaied beef and chakalaka tantalising sausage only unique to East68, and pap dish.   

As if that is not enough, this is the place to unlock the finest ice cold locally brewed and import lager beers, Russian vodka, London gin, Irish whisky and New York vodka, from the least price tagged classy drinks to the most expensive.

The excellence of cocktails homemade by the best tapster, Delight will make you think twice about getting your drink anywhere else in town.

“We are proud to have been the home for everyone who visits the City of Kings and to render our five-star services, treating all and sundry as if they are the first customer at our service,” said the East68 supervisor, Enny Tshuma.  

The nature and superiority braaied chakalaka sausage and high quality beef served has earned this food bar high commendation across the nation.

Added Enny: “We have dished up for the Caps United team twice and other prominent people.”

East68 offers a venue for formal and casual meetings, either indoors or outdoors with the best atmosphere suitable for the favourable weather of the day.

“Our staff is committed and friendly, providing the customers with the option of customer admission reservation to suit and maintain the sky-scraping standard of the pub and grill,” she said.

On decks are mature disk jockeys playing client’s choice and easy listening music.

Enny invited people from all walks of life to get nearer and try out the best unique traditional braaied chakalaka borewors and beef only native to East68 pub and grill.

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