Dumped man assaults woman

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Dumped man assaults woman


Hazel Marimbiza
There was drama in Nketa 6, when a man bashed his ex-lover for dumping him.

Zibusiso Ncube is reportedly bitter about being dumped by Isabel Sibanda and has since resorted to beating her as a way of revenging.

It has been gathered that soon after Ncube was dumped he developed a habit of constantly beating Sibanda.

Sibanda is now afraid of Ncube and so she decided to seek help from the courts.

“I was in a relationship with Zibusiso Ncube and we have a child together. During that time we were getting along quite well. He then changed and started assaulting me when I ended the relationship,” said Sibanda.

She added: “He is now abusive and he is always beating me and threatening my family. I feel like we are no longer safe because he can come anytime and start talking vulgar language in front of everyone including my son. I have had enough of his threats and I am asking the court to grant me a protection order against him. He is also too controlling and we are now afraid to even go outside because we never know what he is thinking and what he can do so I am kindly asking the court to help me stop all this by giving me a protection order against him.”

Western Commonage magistrate Jeconia Prince Ncube granted the order.

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