Drunk woman bashes mother

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Drunk woman bashes mother


Hazel Marimbiza
Sikhumbuzo Chipatapata is tired of living with her violent daughter.

This came out at the Bulawayo magistrates’ court when she broke down narrating how Heather Mhindu beats her for no reason and insults her every time she gets drunk.

Chipatapata said in most instances her daughter would come home drunk at midnight and then start insulting her for no reason.

As if that is not enough she goes on to assault her two grandchildren. Now her grandchildren fear living in the house because of Mhindu’s abusive nature.

Throughout her initial days of being assaulted and insulted, Chipatapata made efforts to reprimand her daughter’s unruly behaviour but all was in vain.

Instead, Mhindu became extremely violent, and fearing for her life and her grandchildren’s Chipatapata decided to seek help from the courts.

“I wish to apply for a protection order against Heather Mhindu who is my daughter. The respondent usually comes home drunk at midnight, and she starts insulting me for no apparent reason. She assaults me using open hands and she insults me using vulgar language. She just lacks respect for me. She also assaults my grandchildren even if they have done nothing wrong,” said Chipatapata.

She added: “The respondent usually breaks the door to gain entry when she comes home late at night. I no longer want her to come to my home. May the court assist me so that she stops coming to my place of residence, insulting and assaulting me.”

Western Commonage magistrate Urgent Vundla granted an interim order pending a final decision.

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