Drug abuse inspires quartet to venture into music

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Drug abuse inspires quartet to venture into music Alex Ayanda Marowa aka Alacai and Moses Kamanga aka Mokays


Danisa Masuku

A QUARTET of unheralded rappers, Whole Tribe, have come up with eight single tracks which aim to give hope and encourage their peers to refrain from drug abuse.

Being born in the rough environment of Makokoba suburb and seeing their peers’ lives being wrecked by drug abuse inspired Alex Ayanda Marowa, Ashington Morowa, Lainol Dyanda and Moses Kamanga aka Mokays.

The tracks are Turn it up, Taq it Baq, Old days, Never be the same, Hello, Let it out, Through the window and Dzidza Kurumba.

Spokesperson of the musical outfit Alex better known as Alacai (18) said they were touched by how some of the teenagers were ravaged by drugs, causing them to drop out of school.

“We got touched after seeing some of our peers dropping out of school due to drug abuse that resulted in some of them becoming outcasts in the community,” he said.

Alacai said single track Never be the same touches on the effects of drug abuse and gives an inspiration to those who have been affected by the drugs.

“The track encourages youths to refrain from drug abuse and also highlights the effects of drugs. That song acts as therapy for a drug addict,” he said.

He said their single track titled Turn it Up motivates drug ravaged school drop-outs to pick themselves up and pursue their education.

“We believe pursuance of education can help teenagers realise their dreams and that is why in Turn it Up we highlight that drugs and education do not mix. And we also believe that education is a powerful tool that can change the mindset of an individual,” he said.

He added: “Some of the songs give hope to one who feels that he or she will never amount to anything because of being wrecked by drug abuse.”

While their other single — Taq it Baq — encourages people to fight for their destiny and pursue a life free from vices such as smoking dagga and bullying.

The quartet has taken a step further in their fight against drug abuse as they hold musical shows during school holiday.

“We usually hold shows at Efusini in Makokoba a week after the schools close and last Saturday before the schools open. We maximise on that opportunity and sell our CDs,”he said.

Alacai shed light on when the musical outfit was formed.

“The two of us (Alacai and Mokays) were in Sunday school choir in 2017, we had a serious passion for singing and forming our own musical group. Mokays suggested that we had to venture into hip-hop since we were staunch followers of the hip-hop genre, we then roped in Ashington Morowa and Lainol Dyanda,” said Alacai.

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