DLAM DLAM’S LOVE STORY: Madlela opens up on courtship, salvation and drops hint on wedding

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DLAM DLAM’S LOVE STORY: Madlela opens up on courtship, salvation and drops hint on wedding Madlela Skhobokhobo


Bubelo Moyo

Ke December boss . . . Siyatshadisa!

As the festive season draws near, who wouldn’t want to get married amid the festivities in December? 

Happy love birds, Madlela and Soneni Moyo have refused to be passed by this trend as they seek to officially tie the knot.

Weddings will come and go but what matters is unconditional love and for the multi-award winning muso Madlela Skhobokhobo, real name Bashimane Mothusi Ndlovu, it’s a dream come true as the clock tik-toks to 20 December, awaiting the blissful moment for his fiancée to officially say, “I do” in holy matrimony.

The Ngamnank’ usaMaMo hitmaker has officially made it known that he will be tying the knot with his mate Soneni who he has shared memories with for the past 19 years.

How did it all begin?

The two love birds’ tale is one of a love story with a predictable happy ending but not so many will guess how it all began. It all started with strong hate emotions which today have turned into knot tying.

“From the first time I saw her on the dusty streets of Nkulumane, chilled with friends, I was charmed and we had that instant connection, I could see it in her eyes but she hated me strongly. 

“We then invited them for our next practice session, which she agreed to and pitched up. I kept on trying but she wouldn’t let me. But when she saw me with a girl she would be very angry and that’s when I knew ukuthi (that) this is the mother of my kids.”

Just like how Jacob worked seven years more so as to get Rachel as the story unfolds in the Bible, so did Madlela.

“It took me two years of ukukhombisa (proposing) before she said yes,” he said.

What has she changed in your life?

“Her coming into my life changed a lot because she took me to church and that saved me. I used to be a rascal,” attests the songster.

The wedding will be held at Revelation Church, Makokoba with the celebrations to be held at Green Gardens, Bulawayo.

For fans who would have loved to witness the proceedings, it is a sad tale as the occasion will not be open to everyone, but strictly by “invitation”.

What are the uphills of staying 19 years together?

Madlela and Soneni have been together and through the wedding they will vow to stay true till the sky falls.

“I have committed to her (Soneni) and akaze ngam’cheatela (I have never cheated on her), God loves people who stay true to their word and I’m hoping that this could be a lesson to the up-and-coming colleagues in the industry.

“Not saying that I’m perfect but if you stay true and committed, God will continue blessing you,” said Madlela.

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