DJ Skaiva recovers from depression ….Repents with a new album

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DJ Skaiva recovers from depression  ….Repents with a new album DJ Skaiva


Langalakhe Mabena

After suffering a heavy depression last year, multi-award winning producer DJ Skaiva has fully recovered and a new album is a sign that he is back on his feet again.

He is among local artistes who have been crying foul over lack of support from local fans, but his experiences hit him hard to the extent of devastation and eventually quitting music.

However, his latest 12-track offering, a fifth album under his name titled Repent, is a metaphor of Skaiva’s healing and rebirth process.

“Depression is real. I saw it. Artistes are the most people who suffer depression especially in Bulawayo. We give our all when we create music but at the end of the day we get little or no support at all.

“So, such an experience hit me hard because I know I am good at what I do but people were not buying my music. This hit me very hard to the core and I ended up depressed and I vowed not to produce music again,” said DJ Skaiva.

Just like the title of the album, he is “repenting” and willing to start on a new book with fresh pages.

Repent is a project where I turn over a new leaf. In life there comes a time and need to start afresh. I have sat down and discovered what was letting me down and affecting my craft.

“The journey has been painful but I needed to start afresh after healing and do something. This album is a beginning of a new life, a new DJ Skaiva and his music,” said Skaiva.

He was never alone in the healing process, close friends helped him through the stages of depression and some featured on the album.

These include Lord Skeels, Floopy X, Mawiza, Jazed, L Mande, Muse and Rakeem.

As poor music sales was one of the causes of depression, Skaiva came with a new strategy of placing his music product on the market.

He is selling the album directly through World Remit, Mukuru, Hellopaisa and Ecocash.

“This album is not for everyone. People need to buy it, so I am selling it directly through different money sending and receiving platforms.

“For now it’s not available on digital music stores but in two weeks it will be available only on sites that generate money not for free,” said Skaiva.

He described Repent album as a unique project that accommodates house, kwaito, soul and jazz fanatics at once.

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