DJ Prince Eskhosini’s spot for vintage cars

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DJ Prince Eskhosini’s spot for vintage cars DJ Prince Eskhosini Lunga (inset) and his cars


Langalakhe Mabena

Celebrities are obsessed with cars; this can be seen with the latest flashy fleets that some of them post on their social media sites.

However, for one DJ Prince Eskhosini Lunga who is a seasoned club DJ-cum-mechanic, to him buying a new car is a big NO! 

He prefers to buy an old vintage car and pimp it to perfection. 

B-Metro caught up with the dreadlocked wheel spinner.

Q: Most of your collection are vintage cars, why do you love them so much?

A: Well, the love for vintage cars started when I was young, my dad was a mechanic and he had this Ford Cortical Station Wagon that we were always working on, that’s where it all began.

Q: How many vintage cars do you have?

A: I am left with two now, I had a Land Rover Series 2 which my brother-in-law got me for my 20th birthday, then I had a Fiat 124 Sport. Currently, I am left with a Toyota Supra Mark 3 which is a 1989 model then the recent addition to the collection is a BMW E30 which is a second generation of the 3 Series, they were produced from 1982 to 1994. 

Q: What are the names of your babies (cars)?

A: I call the Supra my Black Beauty that’s if I want to drive her like any other normal car, she can be a Beast if I want to do crazy things like donuts and speed. The BMW is called Themba lamahumusha, this was a name suggested by my friend in South Africa.

Q: Can you trade your cars for anything?

A: Nothing is worth my cars; these are for keeps and I won’t trade them for anything.

Q: Who sits on the left side seat of your cars?

A: It’s always my daughter Jessica LOL.

Q: Can you lend a friend to take your car for a spin?

A: No, I can’t lend a friend any of my cars, I believe I am the only one who can take good care of my children. I treat my cars like my babies so no other man can take care of them like I do.

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