DJ Fresh drummer mesmerises crowd

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DJ Fresh drummer mesmerises crowd Themba Mnisi


Langalakhe Mabena

When a celebrated lifetime performer gets old, there is a need for them to switch the baton to a younger generation, and this is exactly what South Africa’s DJ Fresh did at his recent show which was held at Cosmopolitan night club on 2 November.

Those who attended can attest that a younger vibrant drummer who DJ Fresh brought all the way from Johannesburg, stole the show as the Big Dawg played behind the scenes to give the mini-dreadlock faded haircut percussionist a platform to shine. 

Who is this talented young lad who capitalised on the Bulawayo spotlight and mesmerised many?

He goes by the name of Themba Mnisi and the passion for music made him to acquire tertiary knowledge at South African Damelin college majoring in sound engineering, a qualification which helped him perfect his craft.

“Music is an in-born thing to me and I took a decision that I want to be a full-time artiste, so I then enrolled at Damelin to do a degree in Sound Engineering. This qualification has helped me in understanding music and it has opened doors for me in a number of places.

“I also learnt professionalism while I was at college and this has led to my working relationship with DJ Fresh easy because he respects craft and expertise which all draws back to professionalism,” said Mnisi on the sidelines of the show at Cosmopolitan.

With the gig being the first to make him fly to the City of Kings in his career, Mnisi was stunned by the love and appreciation he received in Bulawayo especially during the performance.

He revealed that he felt at home as socially and culturally he managed to identify with Bulawayo, and termed it a “lost city of South Africa”.

“This is my first time to perform in Bulawayo alongside DJ Fresh ever since we started working together in 2017. I was well welcomed at the airport (Joshua Mqabuko) and that made me feel at home.

“I don’t see any difference between Bulawayo and where I come from (Johannesburg) because socially and culturally I managed to connect with Bulawayo people and I didn’t believe the love and appreciation we received especially during the performance, Bulawayo feels like a city in South Africa,” said Mnisi.

Apart from DJ Fresh Mnisi has worked with other South African established artistes such as DJ and television personality Lamiez Holworthy.

He is also a vocalist, events co-ordinator and a DJ.

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