DJ Dr Love leaves footprints in Gwanda

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DJ Dr Love leaves footprints in Gwanda DJ Dr Love


B-Metro Reporter

A BOTSWANA-based up and coming musician from Gwanda, DJ Dr Love and Blue Nation has been holding marathon shows since 24 December to market the DJ’s music.

DJ Dr Love held his seventh show at Manama Business Centre on 1 January after shows at Phakama, Kafusi, Halisupi, Gungwe and Sun Yet Sen, his biggest yet with a crowd of about 300.

He also was scheduled to perform in Ntepe but logistical problems derailed the show after his transporter reportedly let him down.

“I am planning a compensatory free show for Ntepe soon as the no-show disappointed my followers,” said DJ Dr Love, real name Talent Doctor Moyo.

DJ Dr Love has been doing music since 2021 and has recorded 11 songs, two singles and his debut album, Stress Ngqe Kubhudi, with nine songs.

The musician sings House Kwasa and AmaPiano, and works with seven dancers in Botswana, where he is a welder.

For the local shows, he hooked up with local dancers.

“It’s funny because I never liked music growing up. I just woke up one day and told my sister I wanted to record music. I approached a studio in Botswana to record but without much guidance.

“When you are starting off no one takes you seriously really,” he said.

He said due to the challenges he faced in his music journey, he was keen to work with budding artistes. He likes singing love songs, with only two songs from his seven songs focusing on other themes.

He promises his fans a sizzling album this year but confesses he has not composed the songs.

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