Ditch SA acts, back local artistes

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Ditch SA acts, back local artistes Kabza De Small


Langalakhe Mabena
They were supposed to be the headline act at the Victoria Falls Carnival, but South Africa’s Kabza De Small and DJ Maphorisa did not show up at the three-day event which was held at Elephant Hills.

A totally unacceptable move on their part.
The duo who are known as Scorpion Kings were billed to share the stage with Zimbabwe-born AmaPiano queen Shasha on the first day of the annually held event.

Despite being used by the organisers as the marketing face of the tenth edition of the Carnival after being fully paid and their air tickets and accommodation settled, the Dubai hitmakers decided to disappoint.


After causing such a stir, the organisers of the event asked Scorpion Kings to pay back the money, but to date, Kabza De Small, Maphorisa and Shasha have not issued an apology.

Efforts by this reporter to enquire why they did not grace the Vic Falls Carnival proved to be fruitless as their manager Thuli Keupilwe didn’t respond to questions sent to her via email.

The syndrome of AmaPiano artistes of not showing up on local gigs seems to be becoming a cancer.

Five Street Events paid Sjava, Sir Trill and Fello Le Tee to perform at the Summer Block Party on 20 March at Eyadini in Bulawayo. Only Sjava managed to travel and deliver a grand performance on that night.

As if that was not enough, another AmaPiano artiste, Daliwonga who is a close affiliate to Kabza De Small and Maphorisa, also cancelled his local gig on the eleventh hour as he “refused to travel to Bulawayo without his DJ.”


However, the major reason soon came out to light as Daliwonga preferred to perform at the Centurion Shisanyama in Mzansi on the same date with his local gig.

It has proven to be difficult for these artistes to pay back the booking money after they decide to miss a gig.
Sir Trill, who missed his show in Bulawayo over a petty excuse after claiming he had peptic ulcers, has not re-paid

Five Street Events organisers the R60 000 he charged.

Junior Mbanje from Fife Street Events wrote to Podcast and Chill with Mac G demanding his booking fee from Sir Trill.


“I had booked Sir Trill on the 20th of March but the guy did not come for the show yet we had already paid him and paid flights and accommodation as well. And now we are asking for the refund but the guys are not talking any sense to us.

“They don’t want to refund us. The manager is nowhere to be seen now. Whenever we call, they always make excuses about the refund. I am so disappointed with their management. I really want my money back. We paid these guys R60 000 in full,” wrote Mbanje.

However, the blackout of AmaPiano artistes of distancing themselves in performing in Zimbabwe is a blessing in disguise.

It’s high time that promoters trust and put money on local artistes as they are hungry to be on stage and deliver quality entertainment.

Nutty O

If his act at the Vic Falls Carnival is anything to go by, Nutty O is one local artiste who needs to be given a chance to showcase his prowess on the mic all over Zimbabwe.

He gave a top-notch performance at the event and he can be said to have the most energetic, electric and splendid performance.

The message from Mzansi AmaPiano artistes is loud and clear, they have disappointed fans several times and promoters have run massive losses because of their rowdy behaviour.

It’s time to support and promote Zimbabwean creatives.

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