Different types of painkillers

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Different types of painkillers


Mthandazo Ndlovu

There are various painkillers and they have different names for instance we have the oxycodone, which is as powerful as heroin and affects the nervous system the same way. 

This drug can be found under various trade names such as Percodan, Endodan, Roxiprin, Percocet and OxyContin, these come in tablet form.

Hydrocodone is used in combination with other chemicals and is available in prescription pain medications as tablets, capsules and syrups. Its trade names are Dicodid, Hycodan,Lortab, Norco and Vicodin.

Meperidine whose brand name is Demerol and hydromorphonewhose brand name is Dilaudid come in tablet form and propoxyphene whose trade name is Darvon in capsules.

When you see your kids now been in constant need for such, it is a sign of opioid prescription addiction and here are some of the warning signs of dependency 

1. Usage increase, that is the increase of one’s doses over time as a result of growing tolerant to the drug and needing more to get an effect.

2. Change in personality, that is the shifts in energy, mood and concentration as a result,  everyday responsibilities becoming secondary to the need of the drug. 

3. Social withdrawal, the person takes themselves away from family and friends. 

4. On-going use, one continues to use the medication after the medical condition they were meant to relieve has improved. 

5. Spending much time driving out to get the painkillers and also visiting multiple doctors to get obtain the drug. 

6. Change in daily habits and appearance, some decline in personal hygiene, change in eating and sleeping habits, constant cough, running nose and red-glazed eyes. 

7. Increased sensitivity to normal sounds, sights, and emotions becoming overly stimulating to the person that is hallucinations.

8. Black outs and forgetfulness forgetting events that would have taken place and experiencing blackouts.

9. Defensiveness becoming defensive and lashing out in response to simple questions in an attempt to hide a drug dependency, when they feel their secret has being discovered 

If any of these signs are been exhibited by your kid seek professional help before it worsens as there are other health implications associated with the abuse of prescription opioids.

– Mthandazo Ndlovu is an Accredited-Drug Prevention and Rehabilitation Specialist, Addictions Counsellor, Adolescent Counsellor, Professional Counsellor. For help and more information call or WhatsApp +263772399734 or email [email protected] and join the Rechabites in creating a drug-free healthy and productive society.

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