De Mthuda’s Cosmopolitan live gig cancelled

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De Mthuda’s Cosmopolitan live gig cancelled De Mthuda


Langalakhe Mabena

South African DJ and producer De Mthuda’s gig which was billed for Cosmopolitan VIP Club on 7 August has been cancelled due to double booking.

Ironically, De Mthuda is also booked by another South African club called Cosmopolitan Lounge but it has no affiliation with Bulawayo’s Cosmopolitan VIP Club.

The Abekho Ready hitmaker seems to have preferred to perform in his mother country and cancel the local gig despite him being paid the required deposit upon signing a contract of appearance.

In a statement, Cosmopolitan management confirmed the cancellation of De Mthuda’s gig.

“Cosmopolitan VIP Club management would like to regrettably announce the cancellation of the De Mthuda Live event that was scheduled for Sunday.

“It has come to our attention that the artiste and his management team misrepresented themselves as we discovered through a poster from another club that he is supposedly scheduled for an event in South Africa on the very same day that we had booked him for.

“Our team engaged and secured the artiste in July, and went on to pay the required deposit upon signing a contract with the artiste’s management, who then provided us with photocopies of passports for the artiste and his road manager in preparation for the event.

“We then proceeded with regulatory clearances at National Arts Council, ZIMRA and Immigration. At no point did they mention any other parties being interested in booking the artiste on the date we selected.

“The supposed booking in South Africa was done after we had concluded our agreement with the artist, and it was done by a club that also happens to be called Cosmopolitan Lounge.

“We went on to discover they plagiarised our logo, which they currently use. However, we have no affiliation with them.

“The artiste’s management has blamed the double booking on the assumption that we are somehow affiliated with the Cosmopolitan Lounge in South Africa, which is not the case as we have no relationship at all with them and did not give the artiste’s management any reason to believe that to be the case.

“We understand our loyal patrons had been looking forward to an international headlined event this Sunday. Any inconveniences caused are sincerely regretted,” said Cosmopolitan VIP Club in a statement.

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