Dark side inspires writer

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Dark side inspires writer Princess Nomalanga Siziba


Danisa Masuku

WHEN Princess Nomalanga Siziba fell pregnant at the age of 19 her life suddenly took a sudden u-turn, plunging her into a chapter of tears and sorrow.

Pregnancy forced her to drop out of university. As a result she became an epitome of shame in society.

“Almost everyone in the community was pointing fingers at me while in hushed tones saying she is the one, as a result I got emotionally drained and led a sorrowful life,” she said. 

She was a “dead” teenager walking as she felt her life was heading backwards instead of moving forward.

“I lost all hope and confidence. I also failed to get along with my peers as I had an inferiority complex. My life became a bitter episode that was not worth living and I felt I had disappointed my parents who were investing so much in my tertiary education. I can safely say I was a “dead” teenage mother walking,” she said.

While trudging on the hopeless trajectory a thought crossed her burdened mind.

“At the time I was starting to embrace Facebook. I started to post my experiences on social media pages. After a while some people gave me feedback saying my posts had uplifted their spirits and healed their hearts, then I said wow! And I had to post a lot of those messages. After that I learnt that a problem shared is a problem solved,” Princess said.

Pouring of inspirational feedback from her posts helped her find her purpose.

“During those feedback posts I discovered my purpose and discovered that I am a counsellor and motivational speaker as well. I then took those posts and refined them and came up with a book titled Why I NEVER GAVE UP,” she explained. 

Her book (Why I NEVER GAVE UP) contains thirty two reasons that give hope to the heart- broken. 

“I had to change my mind and believed in myself and told myself that life is worth living and I came up with goals and a vision that I strictly pursue. In the chapter I also encourage teenage mothers to pick themselves up and pursue their dreams since life has a lot to offer. The book also encourages school drop-outs to rise up and dust themselves up and pursue their dreams,” she said.

In her book, Princess, who is a member of Word of Life International Ministries said prayer became a core part of her healing process as it dealt with her inner self.

“Prayer helped me to break off from the spirit of stagnation because I was chained in a world of hopelessness and I’m happy to say many people have confessed that they have been helped by the words of encouragement in the book,” she revealed.

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