Dancehall artiste laments challenges

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Dancehall artiste laments challenges Daniel Mathando


Keith Mlauzi

IN each and every industry newbies are always at a disadvantage but it is what one does that will determine who they will become in future.

In the music industry it’s either you work hard or you drop the mic. Daniel Mathando alias Judgment, a Zim dancehall artiste is one of the few that decided not to give in to industry hardships as he comes with a new initiative that could possibly earn him a name faster than other upcoming artistes.

Judgment, who began recording his music in 2014 says he has done his best, even collaborated with some of the established artistes in the industry but it was all to no avail as established artistes push their pockets first, therefore leaving the unknown artiste out in the cold.

“I have done a lot for my music but results are not showing. I recorded with some top artistes but it didn’t help either,” said Judgment.

The Zim dancehall chanter has come up with his own way of making a name for himself, he goes around town doing free performances for people and they pay anything they can afford for his services.

“I go around town, if I meet a person I ask them if I could do a freestyle for them then they can pay me whatever they have,” he said.

The artiste says this has been more helpful than anything he has done in the past as he manages to get a few dollars into his wallet.

“This is one of the most fulfilling plans I have come up with, through this I have managed to raise money to record some of my songs, I have even managed to print CDs to sell,” he added.

The artiste says this is even much better than topping radio charts since they never get anything out of it.

“I have topped charts on radio but I do not get anything out since I am not yet a registered artiste,” he said.

He says hopes to raise enough money that will help him register himself with the Zimbabwe Music Rights Association (Zimura) to safeguard his intellectual property rights.

“After I raise enough money I will register myself at Zimura this will enable me to get my well deserved royalties when radio stations play music and I will be protected from other artistes who steal our lines,” he said.

Judgment has collaborated with Soul Jah Love’s ex-wife Bounty Lisa and Crystal Rich of HKD Music.

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