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Dab Three preserve imbube Amaqaqa


Langalakhe Mabena
Local events and media management group Dab Three Events are on a quest to preserve imbube music genre as they will be holding Impi Yobugabazi, an event which will take place at the National Gallery in Bulawayo’s car park on 12 August .

Imbube ensembles such as Great Stars Ijongosi, Amaqaqa, Sunduza Dance Theatre will take to the stage while Madewa Labantwana Bensindiso will be supporting acts.

Celebrated teacher and poetess Sithandazile Dube (Um’Africakazi) will be the host.

National Gallery

Lately, Dab Three Events have been supporting different local genres through holding gigs which saw only local artistes performing as a way of fostering a relationship between creatives and their potential followers.

One of the organisers of the event Archford Hadebe said as Dab Three, their main quest was to promote all local genres but Imbube became special as it had more demand in the Bulawayo market.

He also said that Imbube had a lot of cultural connotations that can be helpful in preserving cultural knowledge from one generation to the other, therefore, such a genre had to be given a platform to breathe its knowledge to different audiences.

“As Dab Three Events, we strategised that this year we will be hosting different gigs as a way of promoting local artistes as well as making them create their own audiences.

“We grouped the artistes according to their genres; we did the house/kwaito movement and the gesture was positive from Bulawayo people. We promoted imbube as we recorded these groups singing and the reviews and requests that we got from our YouTube channel, inspired us to give people what they want, hence, the creation of this particular gig.

Sunduza Dance Theatre

“We will have Great Stars Ijongosi, Amaqaqa, Sunduza Dance Theatre as the main Imbube acts supported by Madewa Labantwana Bensindiso.

“People are supporting us and they are responding to the show very well as we have managed to sell out the advanced tickets which were going for US$5 or R100. We currently printed some which I am sure will also be sold out.

“We encourage fans to buy their tickets early because at the gate tickets will be pegged at US$10 or R150,” said Hadebe.

Imbube is a form of South(ern) African vocal music which was made famous by South African group Ladysmith Black Mambazo.

In Zimbabwe, Black Umfolosi is among the early groups who inherited imbube.

All the groups who will perform at the Impi Yobugabazi show, performed cover songs in April at Bulawayo Theatre at a sold-out event that was meant to honour local imbube legends.

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