Cyclist’s bigger vision

25 Sep, 2020 - 08:09 0 Views
Cyclist’s bigger vision Cyclist Manenji Madzima (right) with De Biker Boys Mutare Chapter General Janis Joseph


Nkosilathi Sibanda
HARARE-based cyclist Manenji Madzima has set his sights on competing on the world stage where he felt there was a chance to prove his prowess on the pedal.

Known for his enthusiasm for long rides, the young cyclist finally revealed he had taken a lot of time on the “outer lane” and needed to explore cycling as more than a hobby.

The sport of cycling last produced world-acclaimed talent decades ago. A few names have made it at regional competitions but dared not to further their conquest.

Cyclists either turned to adventure riding or turned the sport into a conduit for charity fundraising. For Madzima, using the bike for both pastime and philanthropy was what ignited his love for the bike.

B-Metro Sport met Madzima at the Ntabazinduna tollgate on his way from Mutare to Bulawayo.

He had cycled more than 700 kilometres aiming to catch attention to raise awareness on various charity projects and campaigns for dental care issues, male-related health matters such as prostate cancer and heart diseases.

Madzima had embarked on the long road trip inspired by motorcyclists who are en route to Victoria Falls for the Zimbabwe Free Riders Annual Victoria Falls Run (ZFRAVFR).

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