Couple on the rampage

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Couple on the rampage


Hazel Marimbiza
A Bulawayo woman regrets the day she fell in love with a married man because he has turned against her and teamed up with his  wife to beat her for attempting to break their marriage.

It is reported that for the past three years, Vimbai Sengweni from Mabutweni suburb has been suffering the consequences of falling in love with Sithobekile Zikhali’s husband, James Mzenda.

Zikhali and Mzenda have been reportedly beating and physically abusing her whenever they get the opportunity.
Sengweni now fears for her life and has decided to seek for a protection order against Zikhali from court.

“For the past three years, James Mzenda, and his wife Sithobekile Zikhali have been physically and verbally abusing me.

“I recently got hospitalised at Mpilo Hospital due to their physical abuse,” said Sengweni.

She added: “Zikhali accused me of having an affair with her husband James Mzenda. This case was reported at Western Commonage Police Station and she was punished through being given a community service sentence.

She continually assaults and insults me stating that I’m ugly and HIV-positive.

“Also, Mzenda recently held me by the collar accusing me of sprinkling water on their clothes which they had hung on my laundry line but I had not done that.

“Zikhali then came at that moment and splashed water which was mixed with some traditional herbs on my feet.

“These people assault me on numerous occasions. I cannot handle them anymore hence I’m forwarding my plea to the court so it can grant me a peace order.”

In her response Zikhali said: “I am opposed to the application.

“I once insulted the applicant before because she was having an affair with my husband.

“After the matter was finalised I have never abused Sengweni.”

Magistrate Jeconia Prince Ncube ordered Zikhali not to insult or assault Sengweni.In etus assunt ma

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