Cop loses car to thieves

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Cop loses car to thieves


Danisa Masuku

WHEN Detective Sergeant Taurayi Hondoyemoto left his Honda Fit parked just in front of a supermarket in the city centre he never knew that when he came back it would have disappeared.

A source who spoke to B-Metro on condition anonymity said: “When he (Hondoyemoto) came out of the supermarket he could not believe his eyes when he realised that his car was nowhere to be seen.

“In a sign of desperation he looked for it in nearby parking bays but it had indeed vanished,” said the source.

He reportedly asked around but no one could tell him where his treasured asset had vanished to or who drove it away.

When it finally dawned on him that it had been stolen that is when he rushed to Bulawayo Central Police Station and reported the incident. The estimated value of the car is US$4 000 and it as not yet been recovered.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube could not be reached for a comment.

The incident comes barely a month after another cop stationed at the Police Protection Unit (PPU) lost his Honda Fit vehicle which he had parked directly opposite Southampton Building.

Assistant Inspector Tawedzengwa Runyare parked his white Honda Fit at the centre parking and left all the windows and doors closed before he went to his office.

When he returned after a few hours, shock gripped him  when he discovered that his car had been stolen.

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