Convicted rapist speaks out

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Convicted rapist speaks out


Aman from Nkayi’s Zamani area who raped a minor for riches has revealed that he is remorseful and believes that he destroyed the life of a juvenile that he should have protected instead of taking advantage of.

Shelton Moyo (35), who is serving a 15-year jail term at Khami Remand Prison for rape, has opened to this publication on what really pushed him into committing such a crime.

“I was picked up by the police on the 1st of July 2015 after I had a misunderstanding with our neighbour who was accusing me of raping his daughter.

“The neighbour engaged my family first demanding five beasts to settle the issue, but we could not afford the number of beasts that he was demanding so this left him with no option but to report the matter to the police,”he said.

The inmate said soon after the issue was reported he was summoned to the nearest police station where he was detained.

“When I was picked up by the police for investigations I told them that I had been advised by a local traditional healer to have sexual intercourse with a minor so that I could make money like other business people out there.

“The police officers compiled our statements and the matter was taken to court where during trial it was discovered that I was guilty as charged,” he said.

Moyo said he was not surprised when he was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

“When the court officials spoke about the issue at length they told me that I had betrayed the trust that had been deposited by the child in me.

The child actually used to come and play with me and that’s when I took advantage to rape her.

“The magistrate described me as a vulture that took advantage by eating a defenceless dead animal and these words really got to me such that I felt so bad and I even saw the reason why I should be sent to prison for a very long time.

Soon after the analysis I was given by the court officials I was sentenced to 15 years in prison,” he said. The inmate told B-Metro that soon after conviction he was moved to Khami Remand Prison.

“When I got to Khami Remand Prison at first life was not easy but with the crime that I had committed I told myself that it was time for me to pay for my sins.

“While in prison I had an opportunity to reflect and in the process I discovered that I had actually betrayed the trust of a minor and I saw that I had actually destroyed her life in the process,” he said.

The inmate said his actions stressed him such that at some point he contemplated suicide but with the assistance of the rehabilitation officers he was given enough counselling such that he later accepted that he had wronged the child.

“If it was not for the counselling sessions that I got from the rehabilitation section I doubt if we were going to be having this interview that we’re having right now.

“These guys took me for counselling sessions and that really helped me to be who I am today and with their support I would like to apologise to my neighbour and his child for what I did,”he said.

During counselling sessions the inmate was given an opportunity to choose a rehabilitation programme of his choice for his successful reintegration back into society upon completing his jail term. The inmate chose carpentry.

“I am working on upgrading my life academically and I know this is going to change my life in terms of being a productive someone in my community where I come from.

“Right now I am preparing to sit for my class three trade testing and this is going to improve my life such that I will be able to create employment opportunities in my community,” he said.

Moyo said members of the community should give inmates an opportunity to prove they are a completely changed group of people who can contribute towards the development of the community.

“With the Government’s Vision 2030 I believe we have a chance to contribute towards the development of the nation so I am challenging people out there to give us an opportunity to work in the community without any discrimination.

“This would bring development to the nation as we are now able to create employment opportunities in our country towards the attainment of Vision 2030,”he said.

The inmate said at the moment they were manufacturing desks and chairs for Gifford High School and more orders were still coming and in the process they were perfecting their skills as inmates.

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