COMMENT: Let’s shun abuse during lockdown

22 May, 2020 - 00:05 0 Views
COMMENT: Let’s shun abuse during lockdown


Staying at home to prevent the spread of Covid-19 seems to be serving its intended purpose judging by the gradual and manageable rise in infections.

What must be appreciated is that it could have been worse had the Government not limited people’s movement.

While we applaud the move to force people to stay at home, this has given rise to other problems.

There are reports of increased cases of domestic violence, and we also report elsewhere in this edition, sexual abuse.

With many adults and children staying indoors much of the time, it appears those that are fond of subjecting the weak to their will have found a quiet place in which to stalk their prey.

Cases of couples fighting are reportedly on the rise though police could not confirm the increase.

Some organisations argue that the figures held by the police show those cases where the victims were brave enough to go and report their cases since in many instances such cases were reported to relatives, community leaders and even church leaders.

The First Lady during the week cautioned against such practice saying the boredom caused by the lockdown, and at times lack of money or food often led to disputes hence the violence.

We need coping mechanisms within communities since these are not normal times.

We need toll free numbers where to report cases of abuse so that perpetrators are brought to book quickly.

Also, as police have always warned, we should be careful whom we leave our children with.

We are aware that some people still go out to sell within their communities in spite of the lockdown, and this presents a chance to some adults, or fellow young people to abuse the vulnerable.

Let us always be on guard and never doubt what our children tell us especially if it is to do with someone tampering with their bodies.

We need to win the fight against Covid-19 but in the process we should not open up room for some of the avoidable vices to rear their ugly heads.

Let us say no to abuse, in whatever form.


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