COMMENT: Give nation something to cheer about

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COMMENT: Give nation something to cheer about


THIS weekend our Warriors go into battle against the Black Stars of Ghana, in a match in which eyes will be firmly fixed on them since it is a do or die match. The Warriors are no longer accustomed to winning and Zimbabwean fans also miss celebrating their football team’s success.

It is our hope and prayer that the players and coaching staff understand the enormity of expectations that rest upon their shoulders when they line up on Saturday, ready to fly the flag with distinction. One speaker once said,

‘‘extinction is a form of distinction’’ but in our case failure is not an option hence only a positive result will be acceptable.

We believe we have had our fair share of experiments with foreign coaches, our fair expenses with the same coaches and corresponding heartache from the failed campaigns. It is about time we wrote a different script with the present generation, deemed the golden one due to the talent they possess. Fans’ patience is wearing thin as all they ask for are results, not the potential of the team, or the individual profiles of the players.

Just as in the case of the coaches that are imported but never produce good results, we believe we may need to cut our costs in future if bringing in players from around the world cannot win us any games.

With a new broom, we are hoping for better times and we are fully behind the Warriors in their bid to rescue their campaign that is hanging by a thread as they anchor the group with only a point. It is also our hope that the patience that we show to foreign coaches shall also be accorded local coaches so that they can also introduce their new systems and hopefully bring results.

Also, while we hope for a win against the Black Stars in their own backyard, and yet another battle in Harare three days later, the reality is that it will not be easy.

We need the sharpest brains among the players and the coaching staff to pull it off. It can be done. It should be done, if we still have any pride left in us as a soccer-loving nation.

Going forward there is a need to improve on our preparations so that our players do not spend the first-half of a match trying to know each other and then start playing purposefully in the middle of the second half. That needs to be addressed. Players need time to refine techniques and gel.

We wish our Warriors well in their coming two matches.

Go Warriors go!

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