COMMENT: Exercise caution this Easter,Covid-19 is real

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COMMENT: Exercise caution this Easter,Covid-19 is real


The first quarter of the year has witnessed quite some activity in terms of the country’s fight against Covid-19. The year started badly with rising cases and deaths, a likely spill-over from the festive season leading to tightening of controls and a delay in the re-opening of schools. We have seen new measures being put into place to protect the public.

While everyone would love to literally fly like a bird and enjoy themselves during the Easter holidays, these are not normal times and the strict measures are important to save lives. We commend the authorities for realising how holidays could contribute to a spike in infections and hence tightening controls.

We believe the master stroke has been on keeping pupils at boarding schools at school throughout the holidays to avoid unnecessary travel and contact with people from different areas thereby increasing the risk of infection. This comes as experts have warned of a possible heavier third wave of infection after the Easter holidays should the public fail to comply with lockdown regulations.

The Government’s two-pronged approach of preventative measures in the short term through movement control, wearing of masks, washing of hands and avoiding crowds and the longer term intervention of vaccination against Covid-19 need to be embraced by all for us to be able to tame the Covid-19 monster.

As they say, the disease does not move but it is us that move it.

We urge everyone to play their part during the holidays and avoid unnecessary travel and when in gatherings to practise social distancing.

While the vaccination programme is making steady progress with more than a million vaccines now in stock, it is not time to lower our guard.

We believe that we learnt useful lessons from the festive season since we lost more people in a single month in January than we did between March and December last year.

This shows the importance of following health guidelines. We surely can avoid the suffering that comes with higher infection rates by following simple guidelines of wearing masks, social distancing and avoiding large gatherings such as parties, church meetings and funerals.

Have a safe and peaceful holiday, and remember to pray for our country, pray from home that we ride the Covid-19 storm.

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